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League of Legends • A New Dawn

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The Nine-Tailed Fox

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Ao Haru Ride - anticipated scenes for the anime adaptation (1/x)

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Perfume vs. Arashi Introduction

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Good Vibes HERE

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Animated foods

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Somebody loves you if they don’t mind the quiet. They don’t mind running errands with you or cleaning your apartment while blasting some annoying music. There’s no pressure, no need to fill the silences. You know how with some of your friends there needs to be some sort of activity for you to hang out? You don’t feel comfortable just shooting the shit and watching bad reality TV with them. You need something that will keep the both of you busy to ensure there won’t be a void. That’s not love. That’s “Hey babe! I like you okay. Do you wanna grab lunch? I think we have enough to talk about to fill two hours!” It’s a damn dream when you find someone you can do nothing with. Whether you’re skydiving together or sitting at home and doing different things, it’s always comfortable. That is fucking love.
—How To Tell If Someone Loves You (via sarachopsticks)
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League of Legends: A New Dawn Champion concept art ~Tesla 

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Isshuukan Friends episode 4 scenery

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common sense, really

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