"The star I’d been yearning for was lighting up for someone else. That someone is not me…"


Shishio, Suzume and Mamura by Yamamori Mika

Shishio, Suzume and Mamura by Yamamori Mika


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When firefighters get bored…

they made a hyrdopowered hovercraft are you kidding me

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"My Psycho-Pass has always been pure white."

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There are years that ask questions and years that answer.
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I’ve finally realized the difference between loving someone and missing someone. When I loved you, you were the world, your laugh was the only thing that stopped me from shattering and the way you kissed me could stop my heart. I do not love you anymore. But I do miss you. I finally see that there are so many wonderful things in the world, I just wish you were still in mine. I haven’t heard your laugh in a few months and that’s okay, I’ve found other ways to hold myself together, but sometimes it plays in my head and I ache for the way it made me smile. I don’t want to kiss you anymore but on nights when loneliness hits the wall and plunges into my chest, the absence of your lips on mine makes me feel sick. I don’t love you. But I really really miss you.
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Lady Satsuki - Kamui Junketsu

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Dragonslayer Pantheon


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Shingeki no Kyojin - Scenery

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"What’s wrong with me? My heart hurts incredibly."

„A skyscraper built within your mind will never fall down”

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  • ‎A - Available?
  • B - Birthday?
  • C - Crushing on?
  • D - Drink you last had?
  • E - Easiest person to talk to?
  • F - Favorite song?
  • G - Grade I hated?
  • H - Hometown?
  • I - Ice cream flavor?
  • J - Jellybean flavor?
  • K - Killed someone?
  • L- Longest friendship?
  • M - Milkshake flavor?
  • N - Number of siblings?
  • O - One wish?
  • P - Person who called me last?
  • Q - Question your always asked?
  • R - Reason to smile?
  • S - Song I last sung?
  • T - Time you woke up?
  • U - Umbrella color?
  • V - Very best friend?
  • W - Which celebrity I’d marry?
  • X - X-rays I had?
  • Y - Your last time you cried?
  • Z - Zodiac sign?